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Why you Should Work with a Certified Auckland Plumber or Drainlayer

Why You Should Work With A Certified Auckland Plumber Or Drainlayer

What is a Certified Plumber?

A certified plumber, gasfitter or drainlayer holds the highest qualification available, which takes a minimum of six years to complete. These tradespeople are responsible for ensuring both their own work, and the work of anyone they supervise, is completed competently and to the highest possible standard while making certain that all necessary plumbing regulations are met.

What is a Master Plumber?

Master Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers NZ Inc. is the trade membership organisation supporting plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying businesses in New Zealand. Businesses belonging to Master Plumbers must have a Certified Plumber, Gasfitter or Drainlayer on their team. That means, customers can be 100% confident that all work carried out by the plumber will be supervised and signed off by a fully trained and experienced tradesperson.

For residential customers, master plumbers are covered by a 12-month Master Plumbers Guarantee which protects against substandard workmanship.

Is my Auckland Plumber Certified and a member of Master Plumbers?

Before engaging a plumber or drainlayer for your project, ask to see their Certification Card. This will confirm that they are a certified plumber.

You can find out if an Auckland plumber is a member of Master Plumbers by using the Master Plumbers online search tool.

Why you Should Work with a Certified Auckland Plumber

There are three main reasons why you should check that the plumber you work with on your home or commercial plumbing project is registered:

  1. Skills and qualifications.
  2. Safety for you and your property.
  3. Compliance certificates can be issued.
  4. The work is covered by insurance.

1] Certified plumbers have the necessary skills and qualifications

Certified plumbers have the necessary skills and qualifications to identify and address your plumbing needs. With those skills and qualifications comes experience and expertise. That means, your plumber will be able to diagnose an issue, present you with the best and most cost-effective solution, and execute that solution quickly and effectively.

As a certified Auckland plumber, Plumbworx is often called on to help resolve DIY plumbing or drainlaying issues. These issues are often caused by incorrect diagnosis of the initial problem, or because of incorrect plumbing techniques used to correct it. When this happens, the underlying issue is likely to remain unresolved and will repeat itself.

By working with a Master Plumber you can be assured that their plumbing training, skills, and certification mean they are equipped to address any plumbing issues you may encounter.

As a certified Auckland plumber we also recommend an annual scheduled plumbing maintenance plan, especially for commercial properties. This will ensure any underlying plumbing issues can be discovered and rectified before they turn into a major issue.

For information on drainlayers in Auckland, check out our article Auckland Drainlayers: What Drainlayers Do.

2] Prioritise your safety and that of your property

A certified plumber will not only be trained for all plumbing tasks and have the correct tools to ensure they are completed to the highest standard, they will also be trained to observe all safety protocols to ensure the protection of you and your home or your business.

When an untrained person attempts plumbing fitouts or repairs, worksite practices can be dangerous, as can the finished work. However, if you choose a certified and qualified Auckland plumber, you can be confident that they are able to both solve your plumbing challenges and protect your property.

3] Compliance certificates can be issued by qualified plumbers

If your plumbing or drainlaying work requires a building consent, this must be issued before work commences. On completion of the work, a code compliance certificate must be issued.

A certified plumber or drainlayer is able to issue these compliance certificates.

4] Work completed by a certified plumber is covered by insurance

Not only is a certified plumber efficient, reliable and highly skilled, they also carry insurance so that, in the unlikely chance that your plumbing work has any defects or issues, you are protected.

In the case of a member of the New Zealand Master Plumbers, 12-months’ cover is provided for all plumbing work within residential properties.

As you can see from this article, it’s important that, if you are searching for a drainlayer or plumber in Auckland, that you find one who is certified and a member of Master Plumbers. These qualifications provide you with the assurance that the work completed will be expertly completed and compliant with all current plumbing codes.


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