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Drainage Repairs and Maintenance – Auckland

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Plumbworx Ltd provides homes and businesses throughout Greater Auckland with a full drainage repair and maintenance service. Using our extensive experience in drainage, we will assess your drainage system to ascertain the cause of any problems and complete a repair quickly and affordably.

To aid our assessment of your drainage blockage or leak, we use the latest drainage technology including:

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hydro drain unblocking

Why is my Drain Blocked or Leaking?

A drain that repeatedly blocks or backs up will usually be affected by one of these:

  • Collapsed pipe – many of the drains within the more established suburbs of Auckland are now quite old. Over time, these drains can collapse allowing debris to block them. To dig up the entire drain would be very expensive and you may discover that the blockage is not even on your property.
    With their CCTV drain camera, the Plumbworx team can determine the precise cause and location of the blockage. We can then dig up and replace only the collapsed section.
  • A cracked or broken pipe – even relatively newly installed pipes can collapse or break. This is often caused by environmental factors, such as earth compaction or ground movements. It may also be the result of incorrect pipe installation.
    A CCTV drain camera will allow the Plumbworx team to locate the damage, assess the best method for repair, and execute drain replacement or repair, quickly and affordably.
  • Pipe dislodgements – pipe dislodgement is where the pipe itself may be undamaged but ground movement or erosion causes it to sag or dislodge. This will cause a debris (e.g. silt or sewerage etc.) build-up within the pipe which will eventually block it completely.
    The answer is, once again, to call the Plumbworx team. Using our CCTV Drainage Camera technology, we will locate the blockage and ascertain whether the pipe can be saved by realigning it, or whether the more affordable option is to replace it.
  • Blockages by tree roots – tree root blockages are very common in older areas of Auckland where drain pipes are older and trees are more established. Because tree roots seek out water, they will quickly enter an old or cracked pipe where they will grow to a fibrous mass and completely block or break the pipework.
    By sending a camera down your drain, we will be able to see clearly whether the blocked drain can be cleared our high-powered hydro-jet, or if the damage is more serious and a new pipeline needs to be installed.
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